See Jett Effect play at Realm

If you visit Realm ArtSpace this coming Sunday 9 October from 1pm, you will be treated to the feelgood music of local duo Jett Effect. Feel the sun shine from your heart as you listen to uplifting originals and tunes you will know, sung sweetly by Jett Robertson with folk guitar played by her husband Mitchell. And it’s free!


If you have lived in the City of Maroondah for a few years, you will have seen how Ringwood Square has been transformed into a beautiful, modern community space. This area has been renamed ‘Realm’, encompassing the local library, Council Service Centre, BizHub, ArtSpace and cafe. Opposite the Ringwood Train Station on Maroondah Highway, Realm is easily identified by the unique white walls that form large diamond-shaped crosshatches over a dark background.


Walk in on the ground floor of this building and you will find the ArtSpace and cafe. There are free exhibitions of work by local artists, and musicians perform here regularly on a Sunday afternoon to an appreciative audience relaxing over a weekend coffee or having lunch with friends.  Children and adults alike can gather around to enjoy the free live music.

Dance your way into the Spring vibe with Jett Effect at Realm on Sunday 9 October at 1pm!

Check them out on Soundcloud:

Copyright © 2016 Jade Barker


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